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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The K & K Wedding Quilt

I finally finished the wedding quilt for the granddaughter and she finally received it last week.

This was my first attempt at a black and white quilt. Okay, technically, it has a dab of red in it, including the red flange.

I considered a log cabin pattern and a courthouse steps pattern, but could not visualize either one as what I had in mind. So, I created my own block for the quilt.
I named my block, "Robyn's Roadblock." This 24 inch square block was not the easiest to assemble.

In this quilt, I used a two color design (actually, three if you count the blocks that have a smidgen of red in them). I want to make up this block again in a four or five color design.

As for colors, I went through several fabric choices before I found the ones I wished to use. I have enough discarded pieces in black, white and blue to provide accent for another quilt.

In keeping with my "Robyn's Rules On Quilt Care," I also made two matching pillowcases. When the quilt is not in use, it can be stored in a pillowcase. NO EXCUSES!

So, even though the quilt was late, it was given to the happy couple with lots of love and wishes for a long and joyful marriage.

It was

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