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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 [This blog post goes with Chapter 14 of the novel, The Fourteenth Quilt.]

We didn’t take any pictures of us struggling to subdue “The Beast,” a project we worked on as described in Chapter 12 of the novel. But, here we are with thirteen quilts--the final results of our Christmas cheer project for Annie’s “oldsters.” 

Or so we thought….

"Lynn", "Celia" and "Annie" at the rest home with 13 quilts

Notice the rust and navy duck quilt with the strips sewn on the diagonal which rests on Celia’s shoulder closest to Lynn. (above)  That was Lynn’s favorite quilt because, unlike Annie who favors light and cheerful colors and Celia who favors bright jewel tone colors, Lynn favors autumn colors—the kind of colors you would find in a swamp. Even though this quilt was made with the expectation that it would appeal to one of the men in the rest home, it was a woman who chose it.

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