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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


[This post goes with Chapter 17 of the novel, The Fourteenth Quilt, by Robyn Echols.]

"Sarah" and "Brian" with their marriage document

 The marriage did take place very much as described in this chapter.

Although almost all of Sarah and Brian’s story is strictly fictional—the couple in real life on which these characters are based never told me how they met, how their courtship progressed or how they decided to marry.

 But, I was there when her mother entered the church frantically looking for the bishop. I caught the bishop in the hallway and spoke to him. I was there when the knot was tied. I was the marriage photographer.

And, yes, the quilt top I had finished the night before was there. I brought it to church to use for my Relief Society lesson that morning, having no idea at the time that it would end up being part of the decoration at the marriage of this couple.

Unfortunately, the six days before Christmas proved to be busy for me even though I thought my  calendar was fairly clear when I agreed to make this quilt. As described in The Fourteenth Quilt, I was up until late Christmas Eve finishing it. 

Fortunately, in spite of how hectic things were the day of Christmas, just before we left to enjoy Christmas with family members, I had the presence of mind to have my husband take a picture of me holding the original fourteenth quilt.
The author with the original Fourteenth Quilt

To learn more about the author, visit her writing blog, Robyn Echols Books by clicking HERE.

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