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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today's Army

This quilt was actually finished before my tree ornaments. It took me two years considering I misplaced the project for ten months. I ended up donating it to the local VFW Auxiliary for them to auction off for a fund-raiser to benefit active-duty military families.

I originally planned on donating it to a veteran's group, but figured it would be more appropriate for someone who is involved with the more recent wars.

This color scheme was a tough one to put together. I had at least one false start. Also, I used an orange remnant for some of my lattice, and ran out for the other orange strips I worked into my pattern. I now have quite a selection of orange that I purchased to find the right one to "go" with the oranges already in the quilt.


These colors -- you either really like them or you really hate them. But, I love the design as a way to honor our combat warriors and veterans.