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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Design Evolution....Oh, Oh! Recalculate!

Lesson learned.....I hope! Once I decided on a different design to tie my six large blocks together, I basically did some quick measuring and figuring on the calculator, then I started cutting. I got partway through cutting my border sections from my remnant of tonal orange when I realized that for what I had in mind, I was going to be about one and a half strips short.

Oh, oh! Recalculate!

I did a quick adjustment to my design. Unfortunately, to get enough long strips to go across horizontally, I had to sew back together some of the sections I had cut. It doesn't look too bad since it was assembled and pressed, but doing it this way did create extra work.

It is so much safer to either use a pattern where someone else has done all the work to figure everything out or where I have graphed a design out on paper and double-checked all the measurements and math on both piece sizes and available fabric. But, some quilts don't work that way for me. I think next time I "evolve" a quilt design as I sew, I would do better to cut as I go.

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