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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stand Up to Sew

I find that I have more problems with my back when I sit and sew as opposed to using the sewing machine on my quilt frame while standing. Following the advice of a fellow quilter, I put my sewing machine on my breakfast bar and completed a small sewing project while standing up. I was concerned about the ease of using the foot pedal, but it was no problem.

One drawback about using my breakfast bar is that it takes away from my pressing and cutting surface.

However, sewing while standing is definitely do-able.

The jury is still out whether or not sewing while standing will become my preferred method.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mug Rug Gift Idea

For a recent wedding, the bride and groom already had their household together. I chose to make them something whimsical that reflected their interests -- MUG RUGS!

Mug rugs, from what I have seen, are sized between a potholder and a place mat. I love to use mug rugs not only as coasters for my hot chocolate or herb tea, but also to insulate my hands while I eat from a dish hot from the microwave.

I started with the nurse design and built around that to end up with a finished size of 10" by 7-1/2".

The second mug rug to reflect an interest in reading I made approximately the same size so they would somewhat match.

I added a box of hot chocolate packets and a gift card so they can buy their own mugs. Or, if they are like me and have far more mugs than they need, they can use the gift card to buy whatever!
I used fabric and craft ribbon to create a quick gift bag.

One thing good thing about fabric gift bags is that they are reusable.

Another good thing about fabric gift bags is, if the gift is for a quilter, s/he can pick apart the seams and add the fabric to her/his stash!